3 Eyz Testimonials


Here's what folks are saying about our Award Winning BBQ Spice Rub. Thanks to those with the kind words. Care to share your thoughts on our Barbeque spice rub? Feel free to email us at info@3eyzbbq.com.

Ever tasted a spice rub and your mouth puckered from the salt? Ever asked yourself, how a bottle full of spices could taste bland? We did and is why we created 3 Eyz BBQ Championship spice blend. Taste it and you’ll get the sweetness of the Turbinado sugar on the front end, which then turns into a little kick at the back of your throat and finishes with a light garlic flavor. You’ll struggle to resist the urge to eat it right out of the bottle!


What you won’t see or taste is that the rub is free of fillers. There are no anti-caking agents and no MSG. Each bottle is mixed in small batches from the freshest spices around. Try it just once, taste the quality and you’ll be hooked.


Don’t believe us? The rub is competition tested and has placed 1st and 2nd in the Great American BBQ competition in Kansas City. On our food, it has also been responsible for over 300 awards!


Whether in the kitchen or at a competition this rub is for you!!


Dan H.

Pitmaster – 3 Eyz BBQ



‎Posted via Facebook - 3 Eyz championship rub...I put it on everything, chicken, beef, pork, popcorn, broccoli, I rub some on my chest when I've had a rough week too. Chris Q / Friend and Avid 3Eyz BBQ rub user

Dear Dan/Jason, I've been using it on my ribs, and, along with my sauce, I absolutely love the flavor it gives. Now, if I could only get the ribs as tender as I'd like without them being dry and mushy. Still searching for the 15 minute window, but at least I don't worry about the flavor! Keith, Smokey Bottom Boys / Porkers in Paradise BBQ Teams

 I just want to drop you guys a note and let you know how much I am enjoying your new rub, I bought two bottles and have used it on chicken, salmon and also pork chops. Each time the family has remarked how much they liked the food. Of course, I am taking all the credit as far as they know, but I gotta think that your rub is the reason. I just won't tell them if its OK with you. I will be restocking shortly and look forward to some more experimenting! Good Stuff!!!!!  - George, Who Are Those Guys? BBQ Team

3 EYZ BBQ Rub adds flavor to chicken, pork, beef, just about any type of meat you cook.  In addition to flavoring meat, I use the Rub on vegetables and popcorn!  The Rub adds a zest to veggies and snacks that can sometimes be tasteless.  - Donna, Grafton, MA

I cook with many different variety of spices when preparing all my meals.  One of my favorite is 3 EYZ BBQ Spice Rub.  I have used the Spice Rub combined with other spices when cooking steak, chicken, burgers and much more.  Last night I fried pork chops slowly using JUST the BBQ Spice Rub and Teriyaki sauce and they were delicious, probably the best pork chops my husband and I ever had! - Lori, Phillipsburg, NJ