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December 2012 - Sometimes the stats say it all. See below for a summary of our 32 competitions we competed in this year!








1st Place





11 (GC)


2nd Place





6 (RGC)


Top 5 Calls







Top 10 Calls








8/6/11 - Observant online customers will start noticing a change to the workings of 3 Eyz BBQ. Specifically in regard to the sale of rub. You see, demand has been ridiculous and has made us rethink the way we service our customers. Retailers will not notice a change at all, 3 Eyz will deal with our retailers directly. Our customers that contact us via phone or find us at competitions, also will not see a change. However, our customers who typically order  through our website will now be directed through our links to the BBQ Guru and/or the BBQ Equipment store websites. In all scenarios this is a good thing. These retailers have dedicated staff specifically to process and ship your orders along with unmatched customer service! You are in good hands :)


4/17/11 - Please welcome our newest Sponsor! - The BBQ Equipment Store



8/22/10 - 3 Eyz BBQ sent over a care package to Major Brian Clark in Saudi Arabia. Looks like they are enjoying the rub!



8/11/10 - Watch Season 2 of BBQ Pitmasters on TLC (Thursday's 10pm EST/9pm Central) to see the 3 Eyz BBQ team in action.



5/2/10 - Check out the Salisbury podcast with Dan McGrath and Dan Hixon at http://hotsauceweekly.com/


4/17/10 - Chris Hall (Big Ugly) is now a member of the team and business! Check out the "about us" page and the blog for details!


1/28/10 - Dan Mc and Dan H with the KCBS Team of the Year awards (thanks for the pic VA BBQ Pirates!):



 1/15/10 - Deep in the throws of a cold and snowy Mid-Atlantic winter, the guys are seriously wanting a competition soon! Although we'll have to wait until March, we are expecting 2 walks to the stage tomorrow at the annual KCBS awards banquet. 3Eyz is thrilled that we finished 5th in ribs in the country and 16th overall in national KCBS standings. This is a huge honor as we competed in fewer competitions than any team in the top 25! Hopefully 2010 will bring good things, but this season will be hard to duplicate. That said, we ARE up for the challenge!


6/9/09 - 3 Eyz is pleased to announce that our award-winning BBQ spice rub is now available at Meadow Creek in New Holland, PA. We are also talking with several other retailers throughout the US to hopefully bring our product to your area. Stayed tuned for more information.


6/1/09 - We are very excited to announce that Who Are Those Guys? competition team has accepted our offer to sponsor them for the 2009 competition season. George and the gang are an accomplished team, having been crowned the MD State Champion in Salisbury, MD this year and consistently ranking high at events they have entered. We are very honored to have Who Are Those Guys? use our spice rub and help to spread our name. Please help us is wishing them continued good luck in this coming season!


5/25/09 - 3 Eyz once again entered our bbq spice rub into the Great American BBQ Sauce, Baste, and Rub Contest held in Kansas City, KS. After finishing 2nd last year, we were thrilled to win this year!!! We finished 1st in the mild spice rub category and had the overall high score of all the spice rub categories. As a result, our spice rub was mentioned on the local Kansas City news and we will be listed on the Great American Barbeque website (www.thinkbbq.com).


1/1/09 - 3 Eyz is pleased to welcome Dan McGrath to the team. After cooking with us at a few contests in 2008, he decided to jump on-board full time with the team for 2009. He has also joined up with the company to help us grown and get our spice rub out to more folks. Dan Mc (also known as Mutha Chicken) previously cooked with another team. He also owns a catering service in Wilmington, DE. Be sure to stop by at one of the contests in 2009 and say Hi. Just listen for someone talking real loud and saying "Indeed!" a lot. That's Dan Mc!


6/10/08 - 3 Eyz recently entered our bbq spice rub into a rub competition in Kansas City, KS. The spice rub finished 2nd out of 29 other entries in the mild category. We are very very happy with this result and happy to see that it scored so high against many established spice rubs!


12/24/07 - The 2007 Competition season is over and Dan is showing signs of withdrawal already. We haven't even been off a month but are busy planning our 2008 tour de Que. Rest assured 3 Eyz BBQ will certainly be making a visit to its roots at Bel Air and New Holland, but may also be making a foray into New England and perhaps Danville, VA in the Spring. Jason and Dan have also been seen looking and talking about trailers to carry our supplies, so who knows what next season will bring!

Thanks to all of you, Barbeque Spice Rub sales have picked up heartily. Feel free to send in those testimonials and we'll get those up soon.


10/14/07 - 3 Eyz BBQ is proud to announce that our first BBQ spice rub is now available for purchase!!! We offer two ways to purchase, on-line through shop.3eyzbbq.com or by contacting us via email or on-line form. We've set it up to accept on-line payments via credit card, or you may place your order on-line and send us payment via check or money order. Also, if you're able to make it to one of our competitions, you can save some $$$ on shipping and handling by purchasing in-person. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you. Also, if you've purchased our spice rub, and want to leave some feedback (hopefully positive) for us to share on our website, please feel free. Thank you!!!!!


10/12/07 - Dan had the privilege of heading out to Kansas City a few weekends ago to check out the biggest BBQ contest of the year, The American Royal. Here is what he had to say about it..


The American Royal. Up until the Bridgeton, NJ contest the Royal was just another big contest that you hear a lot about but we weren't going since we hadn't yet won a qualifier. During the Bridgeton contest, Dan was approached by John Atkins from Pigs on the Run who asked him to cook with his team in Kansas City. That was an offer that Dan simply could not turn down. Within 24 hours Dan had plane tickets and a date with the Royal....
WOW! What can you say about 511 teams in one parking lot competing for $120k in prize money? "WOW!" about sums it up. After driving the 18hrs in May to the GAB, Dan was thrilled to be drinking a bit of Knob Creek with the Dizzy Pig crew 3.5 short hours after boarding a plane in Baltimore. It seemed all the heavy hitters from the east were there such as I Que, I Smell Smoke!, Cool Smoke, Dizzy Pig, Philly Pigs and of course POTR. If that wasn't enough you got those "other" teams like Lotta Bull, Buttrub.com, Qua, the list goes on and on.....
This contest has its fair share of partying too. I saw drunks walking into fences, into trailers where teams were sleeping, one guy asked me for antihistamines at 3:45am. Trust me, you could spend all weekend just people watching!
The weekend was not to kind to POTR though. No calls, not a one. BUT we did get close with a tie for 23rd in sausage and 53rd in ribs. Not too shabby, but a bit of money and a trophy would have been nice. I have to send a big THANK YOU to the guys in POTR. They treated me like one of their own, let me cook, run boxes and gave me a place to sleep. What more could you possibly ask for?
So, I could write on a on, but I'll stop here. 3 Eyz BBQ hopes to be going to the Royal next year.


Dan and Guy Fieri from Food Network (a BBQ guy himself)



7/30/07 - 3 Eyz BBQ will be included in the upcoming "A Pig a Day" 2008 calendar. 3 Eyz BBQ was approached by the creator of the calendar, Sunnyside Farm, and asked if we would be interested in being in the calendar. We were excited about the opportunity to get our name out there and accepted. We sent over a little information about us and here is the result:


Click on the calendar for a larger version


It's full of BBQ teams, restaurants, festivals, products, etc. for BBQ lovers.


6/28/07 - It's been awhile since our last update, but rest assured 3 Eyz has been extremely busy!! The 2007 season started off well as we were crowned the Maryland State Champion at Salisbury! We followed up that event with a solid 4th overall finish at Yardley, with a 1st in Chicken! Then, we headed "west" to Kansas City to compete with the best, and wound up with a 3rd in Chicken and a 4th in Ribs at the Invitational event!!! Our next event is Stevensville, MD at the end of July. Bel Air and New Holland follow in August, and Dover in October.


Potentially even bigger news is the official formation of our company, 3EYZ BBQ, LLC!!!! Dan and Jason, along with our new partner Wayne, recently filed the paperwork on June 26th to become an LLC! What does this do for 3 Eyz???? Well, it allows us an avenue to produce and sell BBQ spice rubs, and cater events! Look for the first of our rubs to come out hopefully very soon!!!! We are very excited about this endeavor and look forward to the future it holds.

3/19/07 - The 2007 season is just around the corner!!! The weather is getting warmer and Dan is getting more and more anxious. Our first contest of the year is only a month away in Salisbury, MD. There should be ALOT of teams there and a great way to start up the year. 3 Eyz was invited to compete in an invitation-only contest in Kansas City, KA in May. We are putting together a plan to get out there for it. We are looking for any help from supporters that we can get. Email us if you can help us out!

10/29/06 - 3 Eyz BBQ had the privilege of cooking for our wounded troops and their families at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center outside of Washington, DC. Several area teams joined forces to cook and serve food to the soldiers and their families on a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Jason, Dan, Tracy, and Wayne made the voyage down and spent the day preparing pulled pork, brisket, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, cornbread, salads, and desserts. It truly was an honor for us to be a part of this fantastic event and we look forward to doing it again.

The volunteers that were part of the event (Jason-front left, Dan-back right)


Click here for some other pictures from the day....