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Pork in the Park 2006, Salisbury, MD

Our first competition and what an event it was. Aside from the two days of straight rain, everything was great! We got to see some of the folks we met at last years New Holland competition and finally get our feet wet in the competition scene (both literally and figuratively). We couldn’t have asked for a better first showing as we placed 1st in Chicken, 10th in Pork, and 14th overall out of 56 teams!!!!! Thanks to Tracy, Will, and Michelle for keeping us company, helping to prep boxes, running the boxes, and taking pictures!

Chicken Brisket Ribs Pork Overall
1st 24th 41st 10th 14th



Receiving our 1st place trophy for chicken!!

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BBQ on the River 2006, Bristol, PA


Our second competition started off the way most of the Salisbury competition went, raining!!! Fortunately the rain was mostly during the drive there and then during initial set-up. With the exception of an afternoon shower on Friday, the remainder of the competition was pretty dry. We attempted to take what we learned from the first competition and grow from it. We expanded the categories we competed in to include the "Iron Chef" category where we were given three items and two hours to make something, and the Chef's Choice, where we were able to make our own dish, but was required to be something other than the 4 main categories. We did well in the pork (5th place) and brisket (10th place), but not so hot in the other two categories. Other than a small technicality in the Iron Chef, we fared ok in the additional two categories for our first time. We wound up with a 15th out of 34 total teams. Not bad for our 2nd competition!!







Iron Chef

Chef's Choice









Dan returning with our 5th place plaque!!


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GuitarBeQue 2006, Asbury Park, NJ (July 7th-8th)

What better way to spend a magnificent summer weekend than at the fabulous Jersey shore. This competition took place at a park across the street from the Convention Center and the beach. We had the privilege of cooking next to some great guys with Dizzy Pig BBQ Co. (Chris, Kenny, John, and Chuck) and The BBQGuru.com (Bob, Shotgun Fred, and James). We also were very happy to have some of Jason's family come for the weekend to keep us company and cheer us on. We introduced several folks to the great game of quoits and I think we may have found some new quoit partners. After majorly tweaking the ribs (using our new 3 Eyz BBQ Spice Rub) after finishing last in that category in Bristol, we were psyched to get a 4th place call and ribbon. We also finished 13th overall out of 28 teams. A special congratulations to our neighbors Dizzy Pig on a Grand Championship and The BBQGuru.com on a Reserve.

Chicken Brisket Ribs Pork Overall
15th 11th 4th 25th 13th



Receiving our 4th place ribbon for Ribs!!

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Maryland BBQ Bash, Bel Air, MD (August 11th-12th)

We were eagerly anticipating this contest, as it was the closest for both Dan and I. This is where it all began last year with Dan competing in the tailgate challenge. This time we moved about 300 feet away and ran with the big boys. We had a lot of support with friends stopping by to hang out, "taste test" some of our food, and provide us company. It paid off as we finished 10th overall!!! Our best overall finish of the year. We also competed in a side category, beef ribs. We scored a 5th place in that category! Once again, we got to hang out with some of our good BBQ friends. Congrats yet again to Dizzy Pig BBQ on a grand championship!!! Also, a very special thanks to our neighbors, Constantine's Kitchen, who provided us with great food, endless iced tea, and wonderful support and company. Truly, some of the nicest people we have met on the "circuit".



Chicken Brisket Ribs Pork Overall Beef Ribs
4th 8th 12th 33rd 10th!!! 5th


Dan receiving 1 of our 3 awards!!!!!


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New Holland Summerfest, New Holland, PA (August 25th-26th)

The great New Holland Summerfest was certainly not a let down. We managed to get in last minute of a booked competition. (We got in so last minute that our team name was not even in the brochure!) This event featured 72 teams in one of the most anticipated and largest competition in the mid-Atlantic. Teams from as far as Texas and North Carolina made the trip to show off their talents. With the exception of Pork (ouch!), we had one of our best all-around events finishing 16th overall!. Getting two top-ten calls in a field of 72 teams was certainly a thrill for us. We also competed in two "extra" categories and held our own. Congrats to Team Agave on their Grand and Lost Nation Smoke Co. on their Reserve.



Chicken Brisket Ribs Pork Overall Chef's Choice Sausage
8th 4th 12th 62nd 16th 37th 22nd


Accepting our 4th place plaque for Brisket



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York BBQ & Rib Fest, York, PA (September 29th-30th)

Dan's uncontrollable urge to get to another competition led him to this 1st time event with 20 teams. Unfortunately, Jason could not make it, as he had a prior commitment. Dan packed up limited supplies and headed up to York. Going solo for the night, Dan tried out a new addition to the equipment cache, the BBQ Guru Procom-4. Dan was helped Saturday by friends of ours Will and Rob (Extra special thanks to both of you). The results of the new equipment -----  GRAND CHAMPION!!!!! Our 1st Grand Champion!!! (and yes, Jason was not there to celebrate!!). Dan did a fantastic job with a great overall performance!! The victory has left both Dan and Jason extremely excited for the Dover event.


Chicken Brisket Ribs Pork Overall Iron Chef
4th 4th 1st 9th 1st!!! 4th


Dan with the hardware and our new sponsors banner

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Diamond State BBQ/Oktoberfest, Dover, DE (October 20th-21st)

Welcome to NASCAR land!!! That's right.... and the word of the weekend, well at least Friday, was... WIND!!!! Dan's brilliant idea to not put up our canopies right away paid off as we watched other team's canopies fly away. We were both extremely excited to cook at this event and it turned out to be a great event. Plenty of space for each team as we were set up on RV pads designed for folks coming to the races. We had plenty of space, electricity, and water at the ready. Several folks came down to spend the weekend with us: Will (our newest team member), Michelle, Tracy, Donnie, Wayne, and Evan all made the voyage. We cooked what we thought was our best effort of the year, which landed us a 10th overall out of 62 teams, including a 9th in brisket. With so many teams, it is hard to get a top ten, so we were proud of that. Congrats go out to our friends and neighbors Smokey T's Pit Crew and BBQ Guru for top ten finishes. Big Congrats to Tuffy of Cool Smoke for finishing 1st overall and walking away with a fat check for $5,000!!!! That's all for us for this year, see you in 2007!!!!


Chicken Brisket Ribs Pork Overall
19th 9th 15th 28th 10th!!!


The crew in action (Dan's arm in the corner)

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