About Us


3 Eyz BBQ started out with Dan and Jason deciding to compete against the professionals on the KCBS BBQ circuit. Dan blames his addiction (errrr.... Hobby) on having an adult beverage and watching a competition on TV. Jason got sucked in simply since he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The team formed in 2005 after getting beat badly at a tailgate competition in Bel Air, MD. While sitting on a curb  afterward Dan & Jason decided to call the team "3 Eyz" as they only had 3 eyes between them.  The following year, they entered their first competition in Salisbury, MD and got first place chicken and 10th place pork! From that point on, they both knew they were hooked. A few (150+, who's counting) competitions later and the team is still hooked. So hooked, that 3 Eyz BBQ, LLC was formed and is a successful spice rub business.




Dan Hixon - Pitmaster / President


Dan is the head cook of 3 Eyz BBQ and one of two founding members. While not a classically trained chef, Dan continues his quest to perfect competition BBQ and has been observed competing across the country in as many as 32 competitions per year. Dan attributes his devotion to BBQ as being critical to maintaining his well sought after physique. When not Q'ing, Dan can be found working as an environmental consultant, playing poker, monitoring his fantasy football teams, listening to music, dreaming up the next award winning BBQ spice rub and spending time with his wife and dog, Snoop.






Jason McNew - One Eyed Jack of all Trades


Jason founded the team with Dan and is the jack of all trades. Jason assists with business duties, continues to be a strong competition member and is the co-webmaster of this site.  Jason is also responsible for providing musical entertainment and leading social events for the team (i.e. talking to people so Dan H doesn't have to during turn-ins!). When not Q'ing, Jason can be found working as an environmental consultant, watching/playing sports, assisting with 3 Eyz business operations, and spending time with his son.









Tracy Hixon - Marketing Director / Head of Security / Shipping Dept.

Tracy is the businesses Marketing Director, head of team security and shipping department. In her role, her responsibility is to promote 3 Eyz BBQ, as well as speak her mind when another team or spectator does something stupid (our PR dept. has just informed me that this should be changed to "less smart" or "special"). Tracy also provides support making team shirts, tasting food, shipping rub and providing assistance at many of the events. When not doing BBQ stuff, Tracy works as an assistant manager, takes care of their Min-Pin Snoop and spends time with Dan.




Will Cannady- Runner / Photographer

Will first joined us in Salisbury in 2006, and apparently performed the most phenomenal rain dance in history as it rained for 2 days. He is no longer allowed to dance at comps. Will is a huge help in running boxes, taking pictures, applying his eye for detail and boosting team morale. Will joined Dan in York in 2006 and filled-in for Jason in helping to earn 3 Eyz our first Grand Championship! Will helps us out occasionally at events that he can make. Will and his wife Michelle welcomed a little one, Xavier to the world in 2008.




Wayne Tucker - Moral Support / Patron Provider

Previously Wayne has been a lucky charm for us, having accurately predicted our strong brisket finishes. Wayne's honest critique of our food has helped us to tweak our product to constantly improve. Wayne is a dedicated booze supplier and also helps out at competitions when he can. While not at competitions Wayne can be found playing on-line poker, watching sports, and scheming up ways to take over the world.






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